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Yoga Routines to Try in Your Apartment

woman doing yoga on the floor with a cat

Welcome back to the blog for 935M! We hope you’ve been having a great time getting out, getting active, or staying in to celebrate summer here in Atlanta, GA. Today we want to offer tips so you can do so right from your apartment! Last April our blog highlighted local yoga studios, and today we’re focusing on yoga routines you can try, in any of those studios, in your apartment, or in our apartment community yoga studio.

Daily Yoga Routine | Morning Yoga and Meditation from Caren Baginski

Start your day off relaxed and in tune with your surroundings, your body, and your breathing by trying this “brief and effective body-mind-spirit daily yoga routine”. It will revolutionize your whole day and set the tone in your mind for success.

Easy Yoga Workout from Real Simple

This resource is the perfect way to get yourself into yoga, if you aren’t already! Elena Rover for Real Simple walks you through a warm-up and the workout, including talking about how the poses are supposed to work your body so you can figure out easily how to do them properly.

8 Best Yoga Workouts to Stream from Men’s Journal

This may come from Men’s Journal, but anyone can try these workouts! They have options for learning the basics, recovering from running, committing to a long workout or squeezing in a quick one, losing weight, and aiding in muscle recovery. Check out these options and more so you can find just what you’re looking for.


Providing a variety of yoga practices such as strength training and barre on top of yoga, the host Jessica gives quality, clear instructions in these well produced videos. Most fall into the 15- to 35-minute range, as well, so you can pick out the length best for you.

What are your favorite yoga routines — for alleviating stress, for improving flexibility and strength, or for simply staying active and trying something new? Share your ideas and resources with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading!