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Tips for Dressing Up Your Pet for Halloween

dog in minion costume for Halloween

Costumes are fun ways to express yourself and celebrate the Halloween season, and they’re almost always the cutest in miniaturized form, whether you’re dressing up a pet or a baby! Our 935M apartment community is a pet-friendly one, so if you have a pet and you’re planning on taking them out into Atlanta, GA, let them join in on the fun by dressing them up! Remember these tips to make it a great experience for you both.

Mind their comfort.

Some pets do great wearing clothing and other materials for costumes, but others can’t stand it. If you’ve never dressed up your pet, beware that they may hate it, and you should prioritize their comfort! (Especially if they might end up tearing up the costume in the process of trying to get it off.) Petful has great rules to follow and things to look out for when dressing up your pet.

Don’t restrict them.

If your pet is ok wearing a costume, be careful about the fit! It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, and it shouldn’t cover up whiskers or make it difficult for your pet to relieve themselves! Petful also mentions that it shouldn’t impair their senses, so avoid costumes that block their eyes, nose, or mouth. Opt for light clothing and props instead of clunky ones, especially in items going on their head.

Get creative!

Once you know what your pet is comfortable with and what’s appropriate for them, let those creative juices flow! Try something that either reflects your pet’s favorite things or your own. You can include them as part of a group costume you’re being a part of or a couple’s costume just with you. We love what @trisarahtops137 of Instagram did by dressing up as a character from Jurassic Park and dressing up her pet as a raptor dinosaur dog. Think outside the box and get inspired!

Does your pet like to be dressed up? What are your favorite pet costumes you’ve seen or put together yourself? Let us know in the comments! We hope you, your loved ones, and your pets have a great Halloween this year.