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Swimming Pool Safety and Etiquette Tips

935M Blog, Atlanta, GA — Prepare for positive experiences at our apartment community swimming pool by brushing up on basic pool safety and etiquette tips.


Cool down from the Atlanta, GA heat by heading to the community swimming pool here at 935M. Today on the blog we have ideas for safety and etiquette tips to follow to make the experience a great one for you and everyone else in our apartment community.


Wear appropriate swimwear.

People splash and puddles abound at a pool area, so come dressed for the occasion to eliminate the stress of getting caught in the line of fire. Make sure any children you’re taking to the pool are also dressed appropriately so they can play to their hearts’ content. Caution them against playing around vents and suction cups so no loose hairs or edges of clothing get caught.


Take breaks.

Stay aware of your physical needs by staying hydrated (especially after swimming a few laps) or taking bathroom breaks. The latter is especially important with kids, as they often forget or ignore the need to go to the bathroom in favor of fun. But waiting for a pool to be cleaned is infinitely less fun than taking a few minutes to find the restroom!


Supervise children.

Children get excited at a place like a pool, so set some boundaries beforehand so they know what behavior is and isn’t acceptable. Rinse off before getting into the pool to wash away the grime of the outside before getting into the water, where dirt spreads. Stop any bullying you may see, and always know where children are so you can stay aware of issues and prevent them before they get serious.


Teach children that they are sharing the area with others, so to be polite and mindful of others and to, for example, keep splashing to a minimum when around strangers. Everyone will appreciate it!


What other tips would you add to this list? Share your thoughts with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! We hope by following these tips everyone can enjoy the swimming pool to the fullest here at 935M. Happy swimming!