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How to Get Your Apartment Ready for Fall

a clean home with white color scheme decorated for fall and fall trees show in the windows

The official start of fall isn’t until the 22nd, but that means now is the perfect time to prepare your home and your schedule for a delightful season! Embrace the spirit of the season by trying these tips for getting your 935M apartment ready for fall here in Atlanta, GA.

First, clean.

Few things feel better than a freshly cleaned apartment, so start new this month by deep-cleaning your place. It will help you start out the month on good terms with yourself because you can feel organized and competent, knowing where things are and not having to deal with the mental or physical clutter that can add stress to your life. Cleaning also not only gives you that psychological comfort; it helps your guests and roommates feel welcome and comfortable, too. Plus, a clean apartment is a beautiful template for any decorating you hope to do.

Try a craft.

Whether you’re making a rustic fall wreath or trying some classy crafts you’ve never tried before, your creations add a personal touch to your home that you’ll love to show off. Nothing says autumn better than a craft you’ve made or even a printable you’ve found literally spelling it out for you. Have fun recreating childhood memories by making leaf crafts that show you just how much your artistic talents have grown.

Recreate fall smells.

Smell is one of the most powerful senses, so bring back the memories and emotions you may have associated with the season over the years to your apartment by lighting a fall-scented candle or plugging in a diffuser with apple, cinnamon, or orange smells. There are also plenty of recipes for candles, diffusers, and even treats you can make on your own that disperse your favorite scents into your apartment. Try making a pumpkin spice sweet or an apple cinnamon potpourri to bring together a cozy home.

We hope you find these tips useful for creating an environment you’ll love to relax in this fall season. What are your favorite autumn scents? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!