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Gift Giving Ideas

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Do you need help picking out holiday gifts for family and friends? In today’s 935M Blog we have ideas to help you choose just the right one for anyone on your list. We hope you enjoy your holiday season here in Atlanta, GA.

A Favorite Book

A good book can be a perfect gift for the book lover in your life. Find out what their favorite book is from someone else and purchase it at a bookstore or online. It’ll also be a great gift for them to enjoy during the holiday break. You can also choose a book you love that you think they’ll like and write a note inside.

Something Homemade

The idea of homemade items can create endless possibilities. Make homemade bath bombs, a crocheted mug holder, a homemade candle, a piece of art, or a home decor item. There are all kinds of options to pursue. Be creative and make something that is unique and special to that person you’re gifting the item to.

Snacks and Tasty Treats

Fill up a jar or a gift basket with all kinds of candy, snacks, and other treats that they love. Purchase items from the store or make homemade candies or cookies. You could also put together ingredients for them to make their own homemade treat or favorite meal.

A Practical Item

Sometimes your loved one needs something practical for their apartment or something that’ll make their life easier. Maybe that means buying them socks, a grocery store gift card, or a box full of essential items such as lotion, chapstick, hand sanitizer, and snacks. Some people may not enjoy a practical gift while others will love it. Judge what your loved one would enjoy and follow your instincts.

Something Customized

You can find all kinds of customized items online. Customize a necklace, watch, clothing item, mug, family name sign, or ornament. Find something online that’s perfect for your loved one and enjoy customizing it just for them!

How do you pick out holiday gifts for your family and friends? Share your tips and ideas in the comments below. Thanks for reading and visit again soon!