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Bike to Work this National Bike Month

935M Blog, Atlanta, GA — Find a new way to enjoy the city, do good to the environment, and stay physically active by taking up biking this National Bike Month. Try these tips as you do.


May is here, and so is warmer weather, clearer skies, the excitement of a new season, and a month-long celebration that can change your life — National Bike Month! 935M provides and will provide a few amenities (such as upcoming secure bike storage and an exclusive resident bike workshop) to make cycling in Atlanta, GA convenient for you. Do good to the environment and your overall health by taking up cycling this month, either by cycling indoors at Torq Cycle on-site or by biking to work. Try these tips.


Get Your Equipment

To bike to work you’ll of course need a bike and any other items for your biking safety and efficiency. Check out Bike Radar’s helpful guide on the best bikes for commuting to find one that works for your budget and your situation. Don’t forget to find a helmet that fits, knee and elbow pads, and cycling clothes so you don’t have to get your work clothes sweaty or dirty. Find your gear and answers to questions at these bike shops in Atlanta, GA.


Map Out Your Route

The most efficient route you bike to work may not be the one you drive or take local public transportation through. Use resources like Google Maps or any of the apps on Cycling Weekly’s recommendations for best cycling apps for iPhone and Android to map out your ride. Consider driving or riding the route before you try commuting to work so you can know what sort of road conditions to expect.


Working Up To The Task

Your first ride to and from work might take the wind out of you if you’re not used to the extra exercise. But don’t give up! It’s going to take a little while to get used to the learning curve, so take your time. Leave early enough so you don’t have to rush, and start out by commuting a few days a week until you feel comfortable with the ride and can commit to more. You could also bike the city in smaller increments until you’re comfortable to take your full commute and enjoy the ride while you do.


Are you into cycling? What tips would you give a beginner, whether they want to take up indoor cycling or they’re interested in biking to work or school? Share your thoughts with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading! Good luck!